Our office offers a full law protection provided by experienced and trustworthy lawyers and notaries who have been working in the real estate market for many years.

Our law department,consisted by specialized lawyers as far as sales and real estate purchases are concerned can take over all the procedures and the details needed for the purchase or the rent of your property.

We do realize the verification of the property titles for the real estate you are interested in and we do provide as well every kind of information and law support concerning the collection of all the necessary documents for every action needed such as the procedure of selling,purchasing,or renting your property.
Ensuring the lawful character of any kind of transaction.

Our collaborators will be always by your side,even after the successful ending of your transaction in order to provide law support,a bank loan or any other transfer.

We also undertake the administration of your property and we fully guarantee its best possible development.

We provide risk management services for renting – selling and buying properties. In this way, we ensure a good cooperation between tenants and buyers, thoroughly investigating their profile.

We are always at your disposal for any law advice or action you will possibly need.

Responsible of Law Department:
Zarkada Ch. Efstathia
Mob. 698-6743049