Our office undertakes to fully renovate your personal or professional space while it also offers specialized solutions for any renovation of kind or value.

We entirely respond to accomplish any work you would like to be done taking always into account all the technical specifications and your financial needs as well.

We provide:

* Study,design and decoration of your space
* Paintings,freshening-ups,door and closet painting,tooling
* Dismantlings-Conversions
* Electro-logical installations
* Hydraulic installations (repairs,water supplies,heating,drains,natural gas,autonomies,sanitary
systems installation)
* Drywalls,suspended ceilings,gypsum,partitions
* Laying floors (tiles,marbles,floors) scrubbing and shining
* Bath renovations
* Aluminum windows

After having our first visit at your place,the procedure of study starts according your indications and needs combined with our knowledge and experience.

A written offer is usually the next step by our side that shows specifically all the necessary works and their costs too.In this way you will be able to control any work done individually as long as you ensure that no matter how much time the offer is on,the costs will remain totally stable.
All works are supervised.

The works we undertake cover all the spectrum of the contemporary construction,providing specialized team of workers,the best materials of the market and emphasizing each space’s functionality.

We also take over separate works too,concerning your space’s renovation,regarding your needs.

Everything as long as the renovation of house,office,store is concerned.

Our specialized technician visits your space FOR FREE and does a first evaluation of the work of renovation.

We design your space regarding your needs and after we both agree we move on to the next step.

We realize the work between the time and the budget agreed and you are ready to enter to your totally renovated space!


Yours sincerely,


Mob. : 6974180905